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Thank you for supporting my efforts to serve our community as School Board Trustee. A school district's main priority should always be to inspire, support, and create a better future for all our children. With that goal in mind, I have purposely given the vast majority of leadership roles and volunteer opportunities within my campaign to local students and district alumni. I would like to thank them for all their passion, intelligence, energy, and many talents. Together they are proof that 

THE FUTURE IS is indeed YOUNG...

Campaign Manager:

Carolyn Young

La Costa Canyon H.S. (Class of 2017)

U.C. Berkeley (Class of 2020)

USC Gould School of Law (Class of 2023)

IT Manager:

Henry Gould

Presbyterian Boys High School (Class of 2013)

U.C. Berkeley (Class of 2018)

Dartmouth College (Class of 2021)

Graphic Designer:

Kate Welborn

La Costa Canyon H.S. (Class of 2018)

Cal Poly Pomona (Class of 2022)

Communications Directors:

Jane Kirkpatrick

Valencia High School (Class of 2018)

University of New Mexico (Class of 2022)

Sean Young

La Costa Canyon H.S. (Class of 2016)

Southern Methodist University (Class of 2017)

Allison Young

La Costa Canyon H.S. (Class of 2019)

San Diego State University (Class of 2023)


Brady Erickson

La Cosa Canyon H.S. (Class of 2020)

Kylie Erickson 

La Costa Canyon H.S. (Class of 2023)

Nolan Erickson

La Costa Canyon H.S. (Class of 2025)

Bella Anisso

La Costa Canyon H.S. (Class of 2019)

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The Future Is Young